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My CanFURence 2016 journal

(My sincere apologies for not hiding the links. I just don't have time to figure things out, plus I already took too long to write and post this.)

CanFURence is my first visit in Ottawa in 18 years. I haven't been there since the International Animation Festival in 1998. It's also my second true furry convention experience in the suit.

Thursday, November 10th 2016

I left home at 6:33PM and took off for the con. Briefly stopped by Staples to punch holes in the two laminated badges I just finished today:

...then got on the 40W and 417W to Ottawa. Arrived at Alt Hotel on Slater street in Ottawa between 8:30PM and 9:00PM, almost at the same time as my 3 roomates, Mishi (, Cornwall ( and Deval ( Unpacked and got settled in.

I realized that I left my sugar-free sliced bread and coffee substitute back home so we headed to the store in Cornwall's minivan to Metro (where I couldn't find a single loaf of sugar-free bread), then Lowblaw's (found one). Spent the evening talking together. Went to bed at 1:34AM.

Friday November 11th 2016

Woke up around 5:45AM unable to get back to sleep. I lied in bed, with the stupidest earworms stuck in my head:

Got out of bed at 8:10AM. Breakfast in our room since I brought an electric cooler (as well as a regular one with ice), a toaster and a microwave. I also brought food for Mishi and I, Cornwall and Deval had bought their own food the night before, or at times they would eat out. We'd only eat out all 4 together once, Sunday night for supper. Mishi and I managed to have all of our other meals in the room.

Even though regular registration was supposed to be available only at 11:15AM, by 10:45AM I had my badge. Wasted some time waiting to sign up to play in Furry Feud (the list wasn't up yet), then had to get back to the room for lunch. Mishi and I had my homemade tofu sausage fried rice. Cornwall and Deval went out to eat. Once they came back, we all suited up (I wore the unnamed wolf suit Mishi so kindly brought with him and lent to me) and we headed outside for the furwalk around Ottawa. It was AWESOME! Ottawa people were so welcoming! We got cars honking, we gave hi-fives to kids, we got our picture taken, you name it. We saw the parliament, the war memorial, but we couldn't go down the Rideau canal pathway, something about not having permission. It didn't matter, it was a perfect event, one of the highlights of the con!
(also here

We chilled out some more, I signed Deval and myself up to play on Furry Feud, Mishi and I had macaroni in our room for supper, then we headed to Furry Feud where I played one game and got a participation medal in the shape of a paw.

We then sat around the 2nd floor main area, hoping to see Jedd Marten but it didn't happen. We did however meet Ian-Exe ( and Martin Fax/Eikofinal ( and I tried sketching a bit but wasn't in the zone at all. I hated everything that came out of my pencil. It was just like trying to run the Tour de France with a bicycle that had two flat tires.

By 10:35PM I was totally exhausted, but forced myself to stay up so I could play in the adult version of Furry Feud at midnight. Boy, I didn't regret it! It was a blast! BT was a terrific host! I got a second medal for participation and gave it to Mishi.

I went to bed late, at 2:05AM.

Saturday, November 12th 2016

Woke up at 7:53AM... and finally got out of bed at 8:32AM. Mishi and I walked around the 2nd floor. We got to meet the talented artist Pierre ( and Mishi bought one of each booklet he had. Went back to our room and I suited up for the fursuit games, where we finally crossed paths with Jedd Marten, ready to take videos with his camera. There were 3 teams of 7. I was on Team Tangerine and we won (I got another medal for it). After just one hit of the pinata by RK9, the bat broke, so we all pounced at it. I ended up on the floor, grabbing candy and bringing it to Mishi then to other members of the audience.

Complete fursuit games video:
My charade word at 37:42:
My reaction to the word "Shaft" at 38:34:

Fursuit games photo:

Right at the end, CBC Ottawa showed up and we danced and posed for them.

I went back to my room to swap the indoor hindpaws for the outdoor ones for the parade. That's when I realized I had lost my room card I had tucked in my left arm. I went downstairs to replace it. What I didn't realize is that this deactivated all my roomates' cards. Cornwall later had to go back and get all 4 cards redone. D'oh! (I think the same thing happened at the Holiday Inn back in May at What The Fur in Montreal).

We all got to the Indigo room for a cramped fursuit group photo...
(also here:

...and a confusing fursuit parade. From what I understood, it started too fast, before someone was supposed to film it from the POV of a flag. When I followed the flow and entered the headless lounge, it wasn't clear where I was supposed to go next. When I left the room, no one was there to guide us. *scratches fursuit head* I made it in a couple of videos:
At 3:30 and 4:19 in this one:
and at 2:50 is this one:

I was mostly disappointed that the parade didn't go outside. Well, I decided to get some air still in suit in front of the hotel and others were there as well. We enjoyed the honking of cars passing by and the looks we were getting. I'll never forget that dog's head sticking out of a car window fixating us as it drove by! Hilarious! Dogs display the funniest "WTF" expressions around us!

I started talking left and right, suggesting we take a walk in suit around the block. I looked around for a volunteer handler. Finally a nice lady named Christie accepted my request to volunteer for us as a handler (I took a moment to thank her fursonally the next day). So at around 2:35PM, what started as a short walk around one block became a 25 minute 9 block walk! Who-hoo! Again, the reaction from the Ottawa people was wonderful. I easily attribute 70% of the con's success to the furwalks alone! I can't wait for next year... Sadly, just before we took off, my friend Mishi in his Reese Raccoon suit had to go back inside and get out of suit because he was overheating.

I got back at the room for a bath. Its narrow spout took forever to fill it halfway. Next time I'll definitely take a shower instead. Mishi and I had a late chicken lunch in our room. We headed to the 2nd floor main area (near the violet room) and I brought my sheepdog puppet Nimbus along. We sat at a table, hoping to properly meet Jedd Marten eventually. We didn't see him then, but Ian-Exe came by and we three hung out together. I tried again to draw but I still had my art block. Then we headed to the exercize room where I took funny photos of Mishi (as Reese Raccoon) and Ian-Exe in fursuit.

Mishi and I had macaroni for supper at our room then we headed back to the 2nd floor, in hope of meeting Jedd Marten. Ian-Exe and his friend Martin Fax/Eiko met us briefly before Jedd Marten ( finally found us just before 9PM, accompanied by Kotopup ( We sat at a table at the Artist Alley. In the meantime, the adorable Kakurady ( spotted my Nimbus sheepdog puppet and went to get 5 folkmanis puppets of his own!

So I got to talk with my favorite artist Jedd Marten for over 4 hours!

I showed him my humble attempts at drawing his character and at one point, he even gave me detailed pointers as I tried to draw a Jedders face. What an honor!

Around 1AM when I finally let him go to head for bed, he said he was going to suit up in his Brushed Coyote fursuit and head for the fursuit dance! What a trooper!

Back at our room, Mishi gave me some vintage matchbooks he brought for me (I picked my 5 favorites from his lot). I went to bed at 1:30AM.

Sunday, November 13th 2016

I woke up at 7:54AM and got up only 3 minutes later this time.  Mishi and I hung around the 2nd floor's main area, hoping to maybe see Jedders in fursuit, but we didn't meet him again for the rest of the con. We chatted with Ian-Exe and Martin Fax. Back at our room, we had more tofu sausage fried rice for lunch. At 2PM we attended the History of the Fandom panel in the Orange room, hosted by Dronon. Then Ian-Exe informed us that we just missed another impromptu furwalk at 3PM that had just ended. D'oh! No worries, Cornwall, Deval, Mishi and I had already planned to walk in fursuit to the parliament for a photoshoot, right after the panel.

Again, we received more awesome love from the Ottawa people even with just 4 of us! We had just left the Alt hotel when 2 photography students stopped their car and met us to take photos of us for their photography class!

In front of the parliament, the RCMP kept an eye on us from their cars nearby but let us have our moment. Great photos were taken!
also here:

We got there just in time as the sun was setting fast. It was getting dark by the time we walked back to the hotel.

For our last meal together at the con, Deval suggested the 4 of us should have a celebratory meal out together. We settled on East Side Mario's in Hull, 10 minutes from there. After making a Sheldon Cooper of myself, asking tons of questions to the waiter about pizza toppings, Mishi and I shared a perfect veggie pizza. Well worth all the questions! XD

Back to the con, I drank 2 bottles of water and Mishi and I headed to the Dead Dog Party for dancing. On and off, between 8:15PM and 10:20PM, I managed to squeeze in plenty of fursuit dancing, enough to start steaming up my glasses! I got to dance the Time Warp with other fursuiters, just like they do so often on the subservient fursuit segment on the Funday Pawpet Show.

After the dance, I went outside in front of the hotel, still in fursuit, to join other suiters and their shenanigans, for a short 10 minutes. Then, back to the room for some silly fursuit photos in the bathroom.

After reluctantly getting out of the suit for the last time, I took a shower, then enjoyed some last minute quality time talking with Mishi, joined later by Cornwall and Deval. We laughed at some funny long German words videos on Youtube.

We went to bed at 1:38AM.

Monday, November 14th 2016.

Got up at 8:25AM and after breakfast, got busy packing up. We brought all our stuff outside, took one last group photo, exchanged hugs and then we left around 11AM, followed by a few days of PCD.

It was only my 2nd furry convention in which I suited up, the 1st one being What The Fur in Montreal last May. From what I read, CanFURence 2016 it was a success! I will go back next year because Ottawa is the perfect city for fursuiting in public!

The Alt hotel tweeted about us and I made it in the tweet!
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